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Poker Chip Cases: Aluminum, Wood, or Acrylic

Posted on February 18, 2024 by Gerard Tanton

Poker chip cases can be found in a number of materials, styles and prices. With some poker chips being truly a large investment, it only is practical to safeguard them from theft and damage. In case you are among the thousands who prefer to play with premium poker chips, then your selection of what poker chip case you utilize is important to you. While some may think a shoebox makes an excellent chip case indeed, anyone who has made the considerable investment of buying premium chips just like the more protective and secure options that are offered.

Besides the afore mentioned benefits, chip cases also permit the owner to inform instantly if any chips are missing following the chips have already been put away. This enables the dog owner to account fully for the missing chips before leaving or storing the gaming pieces.

If you get premium chips, most vendors sell them in a lockable case. However, in the event that you buy chips on bulk, and have to get a poker chip case to help keep them in, you have many choices, one of that will most definitely fit your preferences.

The plastic case is on the reduced end of chip cases. It is not lockable, that provides no security, and contains a brief lifespan if used regularly. Plastic chip cases are suitable for cheap plastic chips which are useful for friendly games among friends.

The next thing up the ladder may be the vinyl case. The vinyl case is normally made of thin wood, plastic or stiff cardboard covered with vinyl. The vinyl case may or might not have a fasten. Durability is really a major nervous about vinyl cases. The weight of the poker chips alone has been recognized to cause the handles ahead off during chip transport, evoking the chips within to spill and perhaps get damaged.

The hottest poker chip case undoubtedly may be the metal case. These cases are produced from aluminum, and can be found in an array of styles and prices. The standard of metal cases varies with the style and manufacturer. It is additionally vital to remember that some metal cases include plastic or wood inserts, with some inserts covered with a velvety material. Metal cases are much sturdier compared to the plastic or vinyl cases, & most all metal cases are lockable, though not absolutely all.

The finest of all metal cases which can be found are made of aircraft quality aluminum. These cases include removable flocked trays and high security barrel style locks. These top grade cases are machined from solid stock not to mention probably the most expensive poker chip travel case.

The wooden case is just one more chip case option. These cases come filled with custom brass fittings, and so are obtainable in varied styles and prices. These cases could be made from the normal pine, to the extravagant exotic woods with inlayed gold and silver coins.

As with a lot of things in life, with regards to poker chip bags, you get everything you purchase.